A Brief Almost Factual History of the Harry’s Cup

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Harry's Cup 2

The History of Harry’s Cup The Harry’s Cup has become the most coveted and fiercely contested prize in the world of sport. World Cup, nothing. Stanley Cup, big deal. Getting to lift the Harry’s Cup, priceless; if a bit sticky. Lord Stanley himself tried to acquire the Harry’s Cup, but his offer of all the tea in China was rejected. … Read More

Why is the CHS Sweden Girls High Performance Camp so important?

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Since the spread of Covid-19, the Delta and now Omicron variants, playing opportunities for female hockey players have been dramatically reduced.  We know how frustrating this is for everyone. We all like to play games and keep sharp and compete. This year’s cancellation of the U18 World Championships is especially painful since this is the second year in a row that … Read More

Everybody Loves A Winner

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The saying goes, “Everyone loves a winner!”, and it is true. In ice hockey, it is easy to love a winner. There is a thrill and joy in seeing a team perform as one syncopated unit: The beautiful choreography and movement both with the puck and away from the puck. The elegant skill, grace and power that the best players … Read More