Hit a Bull’s Eye with CHS

Al WozneyUncategorized

Finding the right female hockey showcase can often feel like throwing darts at a dartboard.


With so many options out there these days, players and parents may assume that attending lots of showcases is the best solution. The problem is that coaches are over-saturated with showcases, especially during their season. And you don’t want to get lost in the sauce.

If you want to hit a bullseye, why not register today for our CHS Spring Break Showcase in Fort Myers, Fl. (April 14-16), Mini-Camp (April 11-13), and World Goalie Summit. (April 16-17th)? Our showcases have been a mainstay on the coaches recruiting calendar since its inception 10 years ago.

One reason so many female players have gotten recruited at our events is that it happens the weekend before the annual coaches convention in nearby Naples. So, in addition to our large staff of top college coaches, tons of coaches come down just for the purpose of evaluating and recruiting. These CHS events happen after the college season, so coaches are fully able to focus on future players without being concerned about leaving their teams. That is why so many NCAA players have found success in Ft. Myers!

Check out more information about our CHS Spring events at www.collegehockeyshowcases.com.

Oh…and bring sunscreen!

*All CHS Camps are open to everyone, limited only by age, gender, and numbers