A Brief Almost Factual History of the Harry’s Cup

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Harry's Cup 2

The History of Harry’s Cup

The Harry’s Cup has become the most coveted and fiercely contested prize in the world of sport.
Harry's Cup
World Cup, nothing. Stanley Cup, big deal.

Getting to lift the Harry’s Cup, priceless; if a bit sticky. Lord Stanley himself tried to acquire the Harry’s Cup, but his offer of all the tea in China was rejected. Since then the Harry’s Cup has been the subject of controversy, war, famine and more war.

Unearthed recently after decades in the Dead Sea, folklore says that the possessor of the Harry’s Cup will have 24 hours of daylight in the summer if they happen to live at the North Pole.

Over the years, The Cup has been spotted in the remote areas of Copenhagen, the fruited plain of Winnipeg and along the beaches of Fort Myers, Florida. It has been said that drinking from Harry’s cup is more satisfying than the finest Swedish Fika and far less caffeinated.

Harry's Cup 2During the most recent war fought over the Cup, the Cup was torn into many pieces and it took almost 20 minutes to repair it through a combination of peanut butter, goose feathers and massive amounts of recycled duct tape.

So, hockey players: When you fight for the Harry’s Cup, understand that you are fighting for immortality, fighting for the honor of your country, fighting for the right to party! So give it your best shot! Hoist the cup proudly and remember to give the damn thing back, please.