Women’s College Hockey Recruiting Showcases

Get A Significant College Recruiting Advantage

Playing well, being seen, and expressing interest is what every potential recruit should strive to do. But “who you know” is an important and often over-looked aspect of recruiting. CHS provides a significant recruiting opportunity through a process that facilitates coaches getting to know players on a personal basis.

Meet The Best Coaches In Women’s College Hockey

CHS attracts the top women’s college hockey coaches from NCAA and CIS programs to participate and scout. Coaches flock to us because our showcases are designed for one purpose – to facilitate their need to learn more about potential recruits for their D1 and D3 hockey programs.

Designed To Establish Coach-Player Relationships

CHS programs stress genuine and personal on and off-ice interaction between coaches and players. Our curriculum and low coach-to-player ratio sets us apart from any other showcase. The program is designed so that every attendee will be able to establish one-on-one relationships with college coaches.

Showcase Your Talents To College Coaches

CHS allows potential recruits to be evaluated by college coaches in a multi-day, multi-game setting. While tournaments provide coaches with brief glimpses, CHS coaches get concentrated time to establish a complete picture of a player’s skills, competitive spirit, and college playing potential.

Choose Your CHS Recruiting Showcase

Our two featured showcases are scheduled in a way that results in optimal attendance by college coaches and the maximum potential for exposure.
April 21-23, 2016
Fort Myers, Fla.
Virtually all NCAA D1 and most D3 schools attend the American Women’s Hockey Coaches Association Convention. The Convention immediately follows this highly scouted showcase, which is just 15 minutes away from the beach.
August 15-17, 2016
Banff, Alberta, Canada
NCAA D1 and CIS schools are strongly attracted to this program. Due to its location and timing – right after Canada U-18 Selection Tryouts in Calgary – this is one of the top annual destinations for college scouting.

We Link College Coaches With Future Players

CHS recruiting showcases are managed by a former Division I women’s hockey coach and led by a professional team of NCAA and CIS Coaches


Harry Rosenholtz

CHS Executive Director Harry Rosenholtz is a former women’s D1 coach who has been dedicated to growing the game and helping young players for over 20 years. His knowledge about the evaluation recruiting process is among the most respected in the game today.

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College Coach Support

CHS consistently attracts the best coaches from across both NCAA Division I and Division III because CHS provides them an ideal setting to evaluate and meet future players. Plus, CHS is always adding new coaches to keep things fresh and continue to grow.

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Recruiting Success

Because of the attention to detail and care put into each CHS event, we are constantly hearing success stories from those who have attended our showcases. But don’t take our word for it — see what those who have attended are saying about CHS.

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